My Pals are Here! English

My Pals are Here! English
My Pals are Here! English My Pals are Here! English
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Specially developed to make the learning of English a fun and rewarding experience, this series emphasises the teaching and learning in the context of use of the language, thus ample variety of text types are introduced with a focus on context, culture, purpose and audience. Specific strategies focusing on comprehension, thinking and writing skills form key components of each unit.

There are two Textbooks and Workbooks for each grade and are thematically linked for in-depth and meaningful development. The use of colourful illustrations and photographs stimulates thinking, invokes humour and sustains interest.

In addition to this a wide range of teacher's resource and reference materials for pupils has been developed to support, extend and enrich the teaching and learning of English.

The Textbooks cover major language areas such as reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing and phonemic awareness. Each unit is organised by themes which pupils can easily relate to. Language skills that are taught in the textbooks are effectively reinforced in the Workbooks through a variety of stimulating exercises.

  • Textbook 1A to 6B
  • Workbook 1A to 6B
  • Teacher's Assist Pack
  • For more Teacher's material details please request for publisher's catalogue
ISBN No. Book Title Price
9789810159863 MPH Get Set Primary 1 English Textbook PKR     595.00
9789810165970 MPH English Textbook 1A PKR     475.00
9789810165987 MPH English Textbook 1B PKR     475.00
9789810166038 MPH English Textbook 2A PKR     475.00
9789810166045 MPH English Textbook 2B PKR     475.00
9789810157784 MPH English Textbook 3A PKR     475.00
9789810157791 MPH English Textbook 3B PKR     475.00
9789810182410 MPH English Textbook 4A PKR     475.00
9789810182427 MPH English Textbook 4B PKR     475.00
9789810184544 MPH English Textbook 5A PKR     475.00
9789810184575 MPH English Textbook 5B PKR     475.00
9789810162542 MPH English Textbook 6A PKR     475.00
9789810186739 MPH English Textbook 6B PKR     475.00
9789810165994 MPH English Workbook 1A PKR     395.00
9789810166007 MPH English Workbook 1B PKR     395.00
9789810166052 MPH English Workbook 2A PKR     395.00
9789810166069 MPH English Workbook 2B PKR     395.00
9789810157807 MPH English Workbook 3A PKR     395.00
9789810157814 MPH English Workbook 3B PKR     395.00
9789810182434 MPH English Workbook 4A PKR     395.00
9789810182441 MPH English Workbook 4B PKR     395.00
9789810184551 MPH English Workbook 5A PKR     395.00
9789810184582 MPH English Workbook 5B PKR     395.00
9789810186760 MPH English Workbook 6A PKR     395.00
9789810186777 MPH English Workbook 6B PKR     395.00


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